RZA – Soul Trigger Ft. Rev. William Burk (Achozen Demo)

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What do you know, second interesting #WuWednesday entry in a row.
I was never a fan of the Achozen thing, even though I’ve seen Shavo back Wu at live shows to great effect. Supergroups sound nice in theory but rarely work well in practice, and considering previous shitty history of rap-rock crossovers this one didn’t really look too good on paper either. The shreds of material they released officially didn’t do much to inspire my confidence.
This song is solid though, even in very rough demo form. Powers of rock are harnessed for good here, used to create a strong but not overpowering backdrop instead of some sub-KORNian numetal nonsense. RZA raps his ass off too, in that wordy lyrical miracle style he doesn’t pull off too often anymore. The whole thing reminds me of Rae’s ‘Get Off The Flowers’, the strongest standout from the underwhelming Blakroc project that could’ve made a welcome addition to OBFCL2.

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