RZA might actually finally screen the Bobby Digital movie

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Bear with me for a second, I’ve been obsessed with seeing the Bobby Digital movie for about a decade and change now. This is a heads up to anybody in the vicinity of Staten Island that actually cares about this. Details below…

Grandgood posted a link to RZA’s site today, specifically to this news item:

After keeping this film, “Bobby Did It” on ice for years I have decided to show it to the public. Or at least to my old neighborhood at St George Theater. Being this year I will direct my first studio feature I thought it would be cool to show up and coming artists from Staten my earlier amateur work to show we all start from some place: persistence and consistency will lead to a path of accomplishment. PEACE!

A link on RZA’s site led me to this snipped from the program for the Staten Island Film Festival:

That certainly does sound like the Bobby Digital movie (trailer HERE if you have no idea what the fuck I’m rambling about).

As of now there’s actually no showing posted or way to get a ticket, I’m clicking refresh on the festival page with the tenacity of a Shaolin monk getting his finger ready to learn the touch of death from the abbot (no/yes homo?). If it turns out this is showing today I’m fully prepared to jump out of my boss’ window (pin-cushioning him with poisoned darts in the process) and fly off to Staten on top of a swarm of killer bees I stashed away in jars under my desk specifically for these occasions.

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