Rome Fortune & Ceej Of Retro Sushi – LOLO

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Rome’s Voyeur EP is still one of my favorite releases of the year, and while I’m not sure LOLO will supplant it I do think it’s very strong follow up. In some ways it might serve as a better introduction to Rome’s music – on LOLO his narratives are more straight forward, his concepts and intentions are easier to decipher, and Ceej’s production just sounds more relaxed and inviting than Childish Major’s beats on Voyeur. Obviously none of these are bad qualities for an album to have, they make for a very enjoyable listen and Rome is by no means regressing artistically. LOLO delivers plenty of original, engaging music. Still, I do find myself missing the heady density that made Voyeur a bit more challenging but also a bit more intriguing and unusual.

DOWNLOAD: Rome Fortune & Ceej – LOLO



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