Rome Fortune – Beautiful Pimp (Free Album)

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I’m having a moment of cognitive dissonance here… I can objectively appreciate the high quality of this album even though certain things about it don’t really appeal to me personally.
Beautiful Pimp is clearly Rome’s most polished and accomplished work to date. It manages to find a good middle ground between the heady complexities of Voyeur and the lighter touch of LOLO, and smooth out the rough edges of both of them. It nods to current trends without being beholden to them. It’s progressive and at times maybe even experimental, but in accessible ways that won’t confound or turn off a casual listener. It has strong potential to catch on with critics and find a larger audience beyond his current circle of followers. Bottom line, it’s a good fucking album.
So what’s my problem then? A few too many trap(ish) beats, and a few too many songs about girls and relationships. These are not objective critiques, more like my own aesthetic prejudices. Trap(ish) beats and songs about girls (or any combination of both) just don’t really interest me, not here and not in rap music at large, even though Rome does both well enough. But that’s ok, there are plenty of great moments here for me to enjoy otherwise.

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