Roc Marciano – Hey Love

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I really hope I’m hearing that right. I’m pretty much ready to pack up and call it a day after that, it’s not gonna get any better today.
EDIT: Absolutely nobody is agreeing with me on this, but I’ll stick by it mostly out of wishful thinking. He’s saying ‘Nas’ as a reference to ‘I Gave You Power’.

This one also won’t be on Reloaded, maybe because of sample clearance issues.

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3 Responses to “Roc Marciano – Hey Love”

  1. steadybloggin says:

    Most of them weren’t available for DL, so you’ll have to be proactive to put something like that together

  2. Nordy says:

    Has anyone collected all these Roc Marci non-album Soundcloud drops in one (downloadable) spot?

  3. vega says:

    Bust NOS as in nitro aka fire aka heat, marcy stay burnin fools

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