Ray West & A.G. – Pianos In The Projects 7″ / The Pianos Companion 7″

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Pianos In The Projects 7″ and The Pianos Companion 7″ combined together make for a great EP, and that combination is one of my favorite releases of the year so far. There is almost intangible jazz ambiance here that goes beyond the obvious influences in the production – the whole thing just feels like a jazz record more than a rap record (admittedly I might be letting my emotions and enthusiasm get the best of my logic.) In more practical terms, the two singles are partially an extention of Everything’s Berri and partially a way to spotlight West’s production. You get AG continuing to open up and share feelings to an almost uncomfortable degree, classy understated beats from Ray West (including a couple of great instrumentals), and a few well chosen guest spots. I’m gonna call this sitting-in-an-overstuffed-leather-armchair-with-a-glass-of-fine-scotch-reflecting-on-things rap and hope they make more of it.

Fat Beats was nice enough to up both of the singles in their entirety to youtube (smart marketing for vinyl-only singles btw), they are embedded below.

Pianos In The Projects:

The Pianos Companion:

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