Ras Kass – Quarterly (Mixtape)

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John Austin is back again with his latest mixtape featuring 18 tracks of slightly older and some newer material. Can Rassy Kassy make us believers again? Peace to B.I.D. and Hustlemania for the link. –Philaflava

1. Mike Jack
2. Amazin feat. Neenah (prod. by Veterano)
3. A Game feat. E-Note (prod. by Da Riffs)
4. Pop Life feat. Aaron G West (prod. by AGW)
5. Started Sumthin feat. Krondon & Maria (prod. by Sir Jinx)
6. If This World Was Mine feat. Doo Wop (prod. by Pete Rock)
7. Thank You (prod. by Sincere)
8. Armored Truck feat. Remedy of Stupid Americans (prod. by Sincere)
9. Milli Vanilli feat. Killah Priest (prod. by Veterano)
10. The Reconciliation feat. Phil Johnson (prod. by Thayod Ausar)
11. L.A. Is My Lady feat. Stacee Adams (prod. by Veterano)
12. Silver Surfer Swagger feat. Mistah F.A.B. & Pinky (prod. by Thayod Ausar)
13. Since U Been Gone feat. Tracy Rhey, 40 Glocc (prod. by Tha Bizness)
14. Almost Famous (prod. by Thayod Ausar)
15. Gotten By On My Own – Lvn Proof feat. Ras Kass (prod. by Level 13)
16. Take That Off feat. Ray J (prod. by Da Rebel Group)
17. How Many Shots (Acapella) – Remedy of Stupid Americans feat. Ras Kass
18. Silver Surfer Swagger feat. Sinful aka El Pecador (prod. by Thayod Ausar

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