Rappers In Cars Getting Coffee with Open Mike Eagle

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Our homie Open Mike Eagle just dropped one of the best albums of ’14. Dark Comedy is out now and can be streamed & copped for just $7.99 here. For a more in-depth interview with Open Mike Eagle check the one we did on OpJay. –Philaflava



SB: Many people gravitated towards your “Kobe Tai/Cobra Kai/Luc Robitaille” line. Kobe Tai dominated our hard drives for years. Ill Bill (Non Phixion) once referenced her on “Rock Stars,” but “Qualifiers” uses her name in what I believe to be one of your most memorable lines in recent years. It’s very unusual to hear hockey players dropped, let alone L.A. Kings legends Luc Robitalle. Were you a hockey fan growing-up or the name was just too good not to use in the spot?


OME: I only really watch hockey when the Blackhawks go deep into the playoffs. I can’t even really remember where I heard that name. When I was writing that scheme it just yelled itself at me from deep in my head somewhere. Ever had a hockey player yell his own name at you from inside your head?

SB: Can’t say I have. Though the name Tie Domi does have a lot of potential. Tell me about writing the 2nd verse of “Qualifiers?” When did this idea come to you? Did you know once you record it that it would as distinguished?


OME: I wrote that whole song over a weekend after Taco Neck finally let me have that beat so it was really just about the things Ii was doing that weekend. And some stream of consciousness stuff that was inspired by those moments. I liked the song a lot but i never know when a song is gonna be ‘that song.’


SB: Kobe Tai or Lily Thai?


OME: Lily allllll day


SB: I’m sure you’re getting this an awful lot lately, but how much of comedy is really intertwined in your life? You’ve been on WTF with Marc Maron. On any given day you can post pictures with random comedians on Instagram. You got Hannbal Burress on your album. Clearly, comedy has an influence on you.


OME: Its nearly 100% of my media consumption and fortunately its been part of my career as well. I prefer hanging around comedians. They’re just as disturbed but more economically hopeful.



SB: Doug Stamper; a loyal comrade or careless charlatan?


OME: Definitely both. Bit of a pervert too.



SB: Top 3 Jon Lovitz movie roles?


OME: Happiness, Happiness, and the entire 1985 season of SNL.


SB: Album #4 “Dark Comedy,” what can we expect that they haven’t heard on your previous albums?


OME: 30% more hollering. 15% more singing


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