Rap Songs that Motivates You To Gamble Gamble

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Rap Songs that Motivates You To Gamble Gamble

Here are three popular rap songs that make you want to go to the casino and try out your luck.

2Pac – I Get Around
The title I get around could mean two things: he knows just how to roll in bling, or he plays around with the ladies.
The beat on this song is simply catchy, including that awesome bass line. But, knowing that Tupac Shakur is a lyrical genius, the rhymes are as good as the beat:

“Just another hazard of a fly guy
You ask why, don’t matter, my pockets got fatter
Now everybody’s looking for the latter
And ain’t no need in being greedy”
This song puts a player in a positive mood while playing games in the casino or casino sites, showing what lifestyle you can get when you get rich after winning.

The Roots – Don’t Say Nuthin

Give it here, and don’t say nuthin’
Just give it here, and don’t say nuthin
…..Cut the check
Give it here, and don’t say nuthin
Nigga, give it here, and don’t say nuthin

This track will keep you bobbing your head all the way to the end. A chorus like that encourages a casino player to keep playing until he wins, after which he takes the prize and keep quiet about it. After all, winning money and taking it is all that matters.

50 Cent – I Get Money

Of all the three songs here, this one takes the cake. It has all the bells and whistles about money, lots and lots of it. Some excerpts:

“Have a baby by me; baby
Be a millionaire
I write the check before the baby comes,
I’m stanky rich
Ima die tryna spend this s**t
Yeah I smell like the vault
Now I play on boats
In the south of France
Baby, St. Tropez
Rich? I’m already that”


Now this is every casino gamer’s dream: the money, the fame, the cars, the boats and everything in between, with profanities to spice things up. With this track, you are in the mood to win. Visit this site www.casinojuggler.com and play while listening to these songs.

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