Raekwon – 86′ Remix ft. AZ & Altrina Renee / AZ – Thank You (Freestyle)

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Next time somebody asks me what ‘yacht rap’ is, I’m just gonna play them this Rae & AZ song. When I first heard it I ripped off my shirt and started waving it around my head helicopter style, then ordered a Corona from a passing co-worker (I work in an office so that didn’t go too well). More of this please and less JD Era features.
The ‘Thank You’ freestyle is also nice, albeit not quite as exciting. Mostly it’s another confirmation of AZ’s enduring talents, and it’s always nice to see that your old favorites still got it. Now somebody please hand this guy a stack of Harry Fraud beats, some new sweaters and a bundle of good weed and watch the magic happen.



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