Quelle Chris – Delicious Vinyl DTV Session #5 (MIX)

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A handy showcase for Quelle’s varied talents – he raps, he djs, he makes beats, he makes minimal wave drones, he premieres new Denmark Vessey songs, he juggles knives and kittens, he cures dropsy… most of those things happen here.
1. Loose Goose x Quelle chris x Kraftwerk – Home Computer
2. Quelle Chris – Rap LIEfe (from The SON)
3. Denmark Vessey – Dont Smoke K2 (Exclusive)
4. Quelle Chris – NightMare Scream (from Halloweed halloweed.bandcamp.com/album/halloweed)
5. Quelle Rap over Exclusive Quelle beat
6. Awesome in Outer Space – Free (from Little Sun)
7. Summer Vaction instrumentl (Unreleased)
8. Awesome in OuterSpace – Evereething (from Bones for Gilrs)
9. Denmark Vessey feat Scud One – Murder Raps (Unreleased)
10. Quelle Chris – the Crook (from Shotgun and Sleek Rifle)
11. Quelle Chris – Symbolic Instrumental (from Shotgun and Sleek Rifle)(Exclusive)
12. Denmark Vessey x Awesome in Outer Space x Suzi Analogue – Get Like Me x Close to you Remix (Exclusive)
13. Quelle Chris x Dibia$e – Live Alone Die Alone (from 2Dirt4TV)


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