Psalm One wants 500 bars

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If what we hear in the trailer is what we hear when this shit hits the fan, count me unimpressed. Looks like Game lit her fuse. Per Psalm:

Now, I know that we all love the hip-hop, but when I heard Game’s version, it angered me. The writer in me wanted to prove that you could actually talk about some shit, and not just ramble on, and microwave old beef.
Game has done 400, 300, 200 and 100 bar songs. They all pretty much sound the same.

I did 500 bars in a marathon 8-hour writing, then another 8-hour recording session with JayIlla. I’m releasing it as a mixtape, the second in my “Woman at Work” series. It will be out the week of June 1st. The first can be DL on the house, here:

And the video trailer for the song, can be seen here. Why do songs that go for 500 Bars need video trailers? Blame the Internets!

Didn’t the Game megabars sesh happen like three years ago, though?


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