Psalm One Spits 500 Bars

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Per Psalm One:

I just listened to the Canibus last night.
It’s ACAPELLA 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯 😯
and you can mix it with this digital mixing board.
I almost died. It really sounds like tweeker shit to me, cuz there’s NO MUSIC.

Yeah, I recommend you doing it late at night, when you wanna be freaked the eff out..
But yeah, thanks for the support, yall.
We’ll be streaming it on June 1st when it comes out in PODCAST form, and just to note we tried to create organic breaks for me and the listeners to catch breath..

…but if you don’t wanna hear me rap for 25 minutes str8 I still love you. ALOT.

I don’t understand much of what she wants to communicate here. Nor am I all that impressed with the final product. Tackling a project involving spitting 500 bars should be approached with a modicum of enthusiasm. Psalm One is genuinely talented and overlooked and it’s a bit disappointing she hasn’t broadened her horizons as evidenced by this endeavor.

Psalm One Spits 500 Bars


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