Mister PKT – Got Me A Cadillac / A&R

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Smoother than butter piano-driven ode to Cadillacs courtesy of Huston’s PKT (formerly Pimp Killa Thug). I really wish I still had a car just so I can cruise with this song on. Incidentally, in case you’re wondering, the sample playing in the first 50 seconds of this is some version of Cadillac Car from Dreamgirls… not sure if its the stage or the movie incarnation. YES I had to Google that, NO I do not know the Dreamgirls soundtrack by heart.

Download: PKT – Got Me A Cadillac

PKT’s Tweetmysong page also had a Slowed & Chopped version of this song too.

Download: PKT – Got Me A Cadillac (Slowed & Chopped)

That Tweetmysong page also had this song called The A&R, which is just as smooth but unfortunately not available for proper download.

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