Philaflava All-Stars – Posse Cut ’10 (prod. Blockhead)

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Posse Cut ’10

For the past 4 years we’ve kept up with tradition by bringing you a yearly Philaflava posse cut comprised of a bunch of rappers who happen to call Philaflava home. We started with the epic 17:39 posse cut featuring just about everyone you can imagine sporting two different beats (Sneed, Hasenfefer). We did beat out The Roots’ longest posse cut, but in retrospect it was a terrible idea to have any track run that long. Still when you revisit it you can not only see the growth of many of these rappers but it almost takes you back in time. Poor Intuition.

In ’08 we were a little more selective trimming the track to just 6 minutes. Martin laced the beat and we finally saw Intuition break his posse cut cherry. This track also features the show stealing verse by Smooth Lou too. The ’09 version got a little more selective (I think) with the help of Def Juxie Alaska co-produce it. Under 6 minutes we heard verses from AthenA, Alaska, Willie B, Can-U, Piff Tannen, Ardamus, Mindbender Futurama and the always hilarious Galvatron.

Which brings us to 2010.  Waiting on rappers is always fun, but seriously it just seemed like a hectic year for many people and we never got a chance to complete this until recently. Originally Alaska and I were hand-picking rappers to appear in hopes to make this one of the best posse cuts we’ve had.

Like The Roots, things fell apart and many of these verses sat for the better part of the year until I decided that this needed to drop before the new year. Mikee was the mixing master behind this gem. He stepped up and really made this happen, along with the 13th hour verses by Cadence Weapon & Tayo, who just happened to complete the track. Shouts to all the parties involved, especially Blockhead who was kind enough to take time out from partying it up and spending the millions he made off “Daylight” to give us this beat.

Posse Cut ’10 is produced by Blockhead and features Selfsays, Rob Sonic, Ardamus, Tayo, Piff Tannen, Godamus Rhyme, Cadence Weapon and Open Mike Eagle. It just might be the best yet, you decide… –Philaflava

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