Pepperboy – Blame Tha Block (2003 album)

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Pepperboy has started to add some of his older work to Bandcamp, which is a great idea since none of it was ever available on the internet before now. If you’ve been enjoying his recent run of releases, you’d do well to check out where it all began. Aside from providing some insight into Pepperboy’s previously nearly undocumented early career, it’s also just a very good example of quality obscure regional street rap.
Two things that stood out:
– Pepperboy was a badass motherfucker back then. I knew the positive themes that dominate his current music were a fairly new development, but I guess I didn’t appreciate just how much of a change his evolution represented. Pepperboy was a stone cold hustler in 2003, with very little time for anything but his grind and a lot of weed.
– As it turns out, Pepperboy was already rapping over super-smooth beats 10 years ago. The production here splits between laid back trunk funk reminiscent of Texas and California, and a few beats that could be described as proto-cloud rap. So his embracement of the likes of Clams Casino, Friendzone and BSBD is a completely natural development.


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