Party Trash – 3 N THE MORNIN’ (album)

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An instrumental tribute to DJ Screw, constructed mostly from Party Trash’s heavily dragged space age synths and snippets of Screw’s own vocals (lifted straight from his tapes?). Like the music it’s inspired by, this album works best when consumed in the wee hours with a head full of something dopey. Beyond the album’s own merits, I’d also really love to hear somebody rap on a few of these instrumentals.

Two side thoughts …
A. Aside from DJ Burn One’s excellent Ashtray, this the only instrumental album I can think of that explicitly takes cues from southern rap traditions. Are there others I’m not aware of?
B. In concept and to a much lesser degree in execution this feels similar to the dozens of ‘tribute to Dilla in the style of Dilla’ beat tapes that have popped up since Dilla’s death. Luckily 3 In The Mornin’ is way better than most of those, probably because it isn’t just a collection of poorly flipped loops.

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