P.T. Prime Time – Thoughts Of A Leader (Album)

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P.T. finally drops a solo album, after making his bones several times over with Untamed Ent. and guest contributions to numerous other Hunstville projects. The best parts here happen when he really embraces the title and gets serious, the eponymous track being the most obvious example. But the album remains entertaining when his focus strays to more frivolous matters, there are several tracks that will likely please Untamed fans. Guest features from some of HSV’s best don’t hurt either – ST, Clova, GMane, Bentley, Kristmas, Jackie Chain, Sebastian Cayne, AC Burna, Sebastian Cayne and the ever elusive Mr. Marcellus all make appearances. And of course most of this is produced by Block Beattaz, another big plus.

P.T. did an interview about the album with Cassette Press, it’s brief but worth a look if you like the music. GO HERE to read it.

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