P.Dukes – Easy Money 3: Celebration and Tribulations (Hosted by DJ Scream)

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Not gonna lie, I’m fairly new to P.Dukes. I heard a few things before, but only really started paying attention as the leaks from this mixtape popped up on DGB. Just played through the whole thing, and I like it.
Dukes strikes a good balance between serious and festive. He is clearly an intelligent guy, doesn’t dumb down content to pander to the lowest common denominator, but he also makes time to enjoy himself and so doesn’t come off preachy or self righteous. Some songs are aggressive, some more thoughtful, some are just good relaxed riding music – the key is that all of these variations feel natural. At no point does it seem like he is trying to please everybody at once, he just has good range. A few tracks feel like filler, a shorter length might’ve made for a stronger impact, but that’s a minor complaint.

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