OutKast – DeepKuts 1992-1999 (mix of bsides, guest spots, etc)

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This was put together by Philaflava/T.R.O.Y. forum member HiStakes, props to him for trimming the gay off some of those collaborations to separate the diamonds from the turds. His own description (slightly edited to combine several forum posts):

For my fellow OutKast fans: a smoothly-mixed, extensive compilation of b-sides, guest spots, and soundtrack features from 1992-1999.

These aren’t the original tracks. I mixed it to emphasize OutKast… I took almost everything else out cause I really didn’t want to listen to more Monica, singing Missy Elliot, Witchdoctor, or Slimm Cutta. It’s 95% or so straight lyrics from Andre and Big Boi… Tried to go for smooth transitions, nothing fancy. Hopefully, it’ll feel almost like a lost album – 54 minutes of straight Andre and Big Boi, with a few “guest” spots from T-Mo, Big Gipp, Slick Rick, etc.

Download: OutKast – DeepKuts 1992-1999

1.TLC – What About Your Friends (Extended Remix)
2.OutKast – Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (Organized Extended Remix)
3.OutKast – Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (Diamond Remix)
4.OutKast – Benz or Beamer
5.Goodie Mob – Dirty South
6.Goodie Mob – Thought Process
7.OutKast – ATLiens (Bad Boy Remix)
8.OutKast – Everlasting
9.OutKast – Jazzy Belle (Swift C Remix)
10.OutKast – In Due Time
11.Goodie Mob – Black Ice
12.Cool Breeze & Big Boi – Gangsta Partna
13.Kilo Ali – Love in Ya Mouth
14.TLC – Sumthin’ Wicked This Way Comes
15.Witchdoctor – Dez Only 1
16.OutKast – Rats and Roaches (Unreleased)
17.Monica – Gone Be Fine
18.OutKast – Phobia
19.Cool Breeze – Watch for the Hook (Dugeon Family Mix)
20.Eightball & MJG – Throw Your Hands Up
21.OutKast – High Schoolin
22.Slick Rick – Street Talkin’
23.Youngbloodz – 85
24.Missy Elliott – All N My Grill
25.Tash – Smokefest 99
26.OutKast – Freestyle (Vinyl Bootleg)

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