O’Third Ent. & DJ Bizzy – The Celebration Mixtape

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A new mixtape from O’Third Ent, put together in celebration of their official one year anniversary. It’s a pretty comprehensive overview of their short but productive existence. Several highlights from their debut In The Box are included, although I think that mixtape/album was a great release in of itself and is well worth hearing in it’s entirety (you can now get it on ITunes and DatPiff) The real appeal of the compilation is in collecting a lot of their more prominent loose singles under one roof – the workhorse manifesto ‘Can’t Outwork’em’, the inspirational ‘Somebody’, G-Side’s Bossman produced Huntspace voyage ‘I’m Sorry’, Zilla’s club oriented collab with Jackie Chain ‘Ladies on the floor’ – all included. There are also a few new songs too, I’m really enjoying the two by Zilla so they’re featured below. ‘Like A Jungle’ particularly is a a big favorite at the moment due to three absolutely ridiculous verses by Zilla, Clova and Bentley respectively.

Tracklist for the whole mixtape is below the jump.

DOWNLOAD: Swagzilla – Like a jungle ft. Clova and Bentley

DOWNLOAD: Swagzilla – I’m goin’ ft ST 2 Lettaz and Bentley


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