Random Thoughts Pt. Whatver

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10 Random Thoughts That Shouldn’t Matter, But Kinda Really Do

10 . Can we cut the bullshit and admit Slum Village hasn’t really had a good album since Fantastic Vol. 2? The group literally lost two members and are left with one fat delusional c-level rapper and if Elzhi happens to be in the group today, an extremely underachieving to straight boring ass rapper. Who give a fuck? None are buying this album. Nobody is even downloading it. Attention Elzhi stop wasting time on remaking other peoples albums and get focused and write your own damn one that matches your potential.  Holla at Black Milk for the beats too. Danny Brown is owning Motown rappers right now.

9. J. Cole is a faggot.

8. Earl is this years internet sensation. At 16 years of age, he’s managed to create more buzz about him with virtually no co-sign, label, budget or big named producer behind him.

7. Curren$y’s new album “Pilot Talk” isn’t that good and you know it.

6. Roc Marciano’s Marcberg is probably one of the best albums of the year and I didn’t even think this until recently. It’s taken something like 4 months for me to fully appreciate the beauty of this album. I knew it was dope when it dropped but the album continues to grows on you like a fungus. Shit is phenomenal.

5. The Roots latest album “How I Got Over” is great and you won’t fully admit it. Simple, effective and is sequenced to perfection. But a Black Thought solo album can’t hurt.

4. Do the borks people that donated money to Ras Kass for his album A.D.I.D.A.S. get their money back? I know Ras and Bis share similar fan bases and I’m well aware of their defense mechanisms, but this album was an abomination. Can somebody lock Ras in a studio with the following producers, Alchemist, Jake One, Black Milk, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Nottz and maybe DJ Khalil? ABSOLUTELY no friends allowed. Somebody is feeding John John these horrible ideas that his watered down lyrics over cheap beats actually sounds good.

3. Can somebody put DEL out of his misery already?

$10,000 you get an Ep! a 5-7 song project where you get to work with del on the concept, vibe and the content! with your executive producer credits. Come spend a day with SIr DZL and add your 2cents on the project you want DeL to make! Real Talk!

(The 3k and 10k offers will have to be interviewed before Del can agree to move forward, Do to The Jerks and Dobalina’s in the world! If you are seriously interested email Deltronfans@gmail.com subject ( Serious Business)

3.  Does Aceyalone see any money from Mad Men? I know it’s a RJD2 beat, but it I can’t help but think about how Aceyalone hasn’t made a good album since Clinton was on office. And nobody is buying those Reggaton albums he had the audacity to put out a few years back. He’s gotta need some coin these days.

2. How long will it be before it’s cool to start hating on Yelawolf?

1. You’re pretty much an imbecile if you haven’t already voted in our Best New Rapper Tournament.

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