Open Mike Eagle – Rent Party Extension EP

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Rent Party Revolution is a song I wrote about and for all the folks I know with hyperactive minds that live in a world that isnt designed to inspire their potential. Its my story of growing up a “smart kid” and being led to believe that that was all I’d ever need to achieve all the things i thought i wanted in life. This EP is an extension of that theme. Its for all the broke nerds out there. i got together with some of my favorite freethinkers (hot sugar, milo, eagle nebula, and more) to make some grown, broke nerd theme musics. lets all get together and over analyze something. – OME

Just dropped a little while ago via OK Player… I haven’t listened to the whole thing yet but Mike has been very consistent and the two song I’ve heard from this so far were both on point, so I feel fairly confident it will deliver.
1. 5ree Thinkers prod. Hot Sugar (LISTEN TO IT HERE)
2. Amped feat. Eagle Nebula prod. Alpha MC
3. Neighbor prod. Infinity Rock
4. Boss Fight feat. Milo
5. Rent Party Revolution (Taco Neck Remix) (LISTEN TO IT HERE)

DOWNLOAD: Open Mike Eagle – Rent Party Extension EP


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