Open Mike Eagle – Another Roadside Attraction (EP)

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The LA underground scene is still bubbling and one of the reasons why is because of Project Blowedian member Open Mike Eagle. If you aren’t hip to O.M.E. or his newly formed Thirsty Fish it’s only a matter of time. A few years ago I first became aware of Open Mike Eagle when he joined our website and while I was always impressed with his skills I never gave his career much thought. That is until I heard ‘iRock” which has now become one of my favorite tracks of 2009. It’s hard to describe what O.M.E. exactly sounds like. He has the similarities of fellow Blowedian Aceyalone, yet a conscious mind frame like a Kweli or Mighty Mos and the cadence of Devin The Dude. I may be off the mark, but that’s how I’m calling it.

One thing I know for sure, Open Mike Eagle is dope! Another Roadside Attraction is more than just an engaging or thought-provoking EP, it’s embodies everything an album should. No label politics. No budgets restraints. No worrying about getting heavy rotation or snatching some BDS. Just honest work by an honest emcee. Tracks like “The Financial Crisis Song” tackle our economic struggles in a way that would make Michael Moore envy. “Career Advice” a sincere and entertaining rebuttal to those who stay second guessing the career paths of Open Mike Eagles out there. The EP is full of surprises, especially “The Ballad of Natty Armstrong” where many 80’s babies will remember the first time they heard “Eyes Without A Face.”

So it brings me great pleasure to have Steady Bloggin’ debut the exclusive Open Mike Eagle “Another Roadside Attraction” for your listening pleasure. Download it, burn it, share it and talk about it. It’s FREE! –Philaflava

Here is just a taste…

Career Advice


The Ballad of Netty

The Financial Crisis


Open Mike Eagle – Another Roadside Attraction (EP)

1. Bloody Show
2. Career Advice
3. The Ballad of Netty Armstrong
4. Combustible Party Truck ft. Rift Napalm, Rogue Venom & Nocando
5. The Shoulder Shrug
6. Gratefultude
7. Sacrifices
8. The Financial Crisis Song (We’re in a Recession/Beat-theft Mix) Stolen from Bullion


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