Open Mike Eagle – Extended Nightmares Getdown: The Dark Blue Door (free EP)

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After some reflection, I will admit that the Busdriver remix of ‘Nightmares’ is pretty dope. The original version of the song is one of my favorites from this year, and while this remix didn’t hit me anywhere near as hard it does take the song into an interesting new direction and I can definitely respect that.
DOWNLOAD: Open Mike Eagle – Extended Nightmares Getdown: The Dark Blue Door (free EP)
More on the EP, which contains the aforementioned remix and 4 new tracks, in Mike’s own words:


My album “Rappers will Die of Natural Causes.” was released last summer on Hellfyre Club Records.
The entire record is a treatise on perception and black male identity.
Hopefully I wont have to answer that question in interviews anymore.
The above sentence is the single most pretentious thing I’ve ever written that I actually meant.
The sentence above this one proves that within five sentences I can go completely off-topic.
The album moves in the same sort of manner. The title track sticks to the thesis in a straightforward manner (twice.) but in exploring the topic I end up touching on everything from Weezer, to NBC’s Community, to the order in which I select dishes to wash.*
*silverware, cups, bowls, plates, pots/pans for those keeping score.
I have so much to say on the subject that I’ve chosen to expand some of the material into a series of standalone EPs. Four to be exact. Each one anchored by a remix of the song on the album that inspired it.
The first in the series is the Extended Nightmares Getdown: The Dark Blue Door
1. Nightmares (Busdriver Remix)
2. Billy’s Quagmire (prod. Blockhead)
3. Four Days feat. Serengeti (prod. Busdriver)
4. The Secret to Negro Alchemy (prod. N/A)
5. Experimental Dream FLCL (prod. Awkward)
This EP can be obtained for zero american dollars for you and you only at the following link:
This first EP is a group of songs that were written by my shadow self. They all feel like the darkest part of happy. They are cotton candy monsters that smell like night-time. The prevailing themes are reminiscence, anime, and my grandmother’s ghost.


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