OFWGKTA Live in Los Angeles, October 20, 2010

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OFWGKTA Oct. 20th Los Angeles Show Review
by Half Black Steady Bloggin’ Correspondant thekeenone

I’m a regular poster and contributor on Philaflava, and often get turned on to new music with that merry band of ignorant internet savages (HLB, what up).

Not too long ago, a thread popped up that posed the question, “Anyone heard of this EARL kid?”

After watching that first video, the entire board was hooked. We noticed we were not alone, and the OFWGKTA hype was spreading across the Internet and spilling over into respectable print publications faster than anyone could imagine, including OFWGKTA themselves.

When the news of the show at Low End was released, everyone was hype as fuck. Would this online phenom translate into a live show? Would people come? Would it turn into a Black Nazi Riot lead by Tyler himself, with Taco screaming “I’m a fuck every bitch in this room!” (that part happened) as he follows the battle charge?

Being an LA resident (sup Venice) I decided to go to the show along with fellow poster and delicious MC in his own right, Open Mike Eagle.

The place was packed. About 250-300 people. Here’s a shot of the crowd before they went on:

There was a nervous tension in the room that Low End host Nocando picked up on as well. We were all waiting to see, first hand, WTF is OFWGKTA?

Finally a bit after 11pm, the show started. Then this happened:

The crowd went fuckin’ nuts, and it was on. The proverbial hype was real- and there was a sense amongst some of us in the room that we were witnessing the baby steps of some shit that is about to grow into a certified Half Rap/Half Wolf monster.


  • A kid in the crowd said he flew to LA from London for the show, and Tyler got happier than a poor kid on Christmas getting a Nintendo in 1985. Could NOT fuckin’ believe it. He pulled him on stage, made them stop the music and announced the  dedicated fan to everyone. I almost shed a single tear.  Was a dope moment.
  • They do “Check My French” and the place goes apeshit. Open Mike Eagle taped this:
  • All the members held their own- Left Brain has the illest fashion style, ever. Mike G made me a fan with his laid back Drunken Monkey flow. MellowHype murdered shit. Taco should be my bff.
  • The sound got fucked (read: they all flipped the fuck out for the last song and kicked some shit over) so Taco took that opportunity to take his teeny, braces-clad self onto the top of a speaker, and proclaim with the soccer-sized balls: “I WANT TO FUCK EVERY BITCH IN THIS ROOM!” – this was met with uproarious cheers (some from the ladies… get ’em, Taco)
  • The sound could not be fixed, and Tyler was asking his crew-mates, “how the fuck should we end this show?”, which lead him to opt for his double time verse from “Slow it Down”, and the entire crowd recited with him (this pretty much happened for each song).
  • A fan made his very own FREE EARL shirt- with the words scrawled crudely across an orange t shirt. He got the chance to show Tyler after the show who happily appreciated the support for his missing homie.
  • Left Brain looks like Carl from the Simpsons

Got a chance to talk to Tyler before the show. I was expecting a “FUCK 2 DOPE BOYZ” and a chest-punch, but he was very humble and appreciative of all of the support Philaflava and everyone else has been offering.

He ended the set with something he always wanted to do- a chant, the entire audience strong, of “WOOOOLF GAAAANG…. WOOOLLF GANNNG”… which he lead triumphantly, all with a shit eating grin of success plastered on his face.

Last night, I got to see a group of teenagers live out their dreams, wil’ the fuck out, have FUN, smile, scream, mosh, sweat, and win. Can’t ask for anymore than that. Wolf Gang.

Our homie Keen is a talented rapper in her own right, check out her video that we posted here. There’s more Keen to go around on her own site www.keen.tv. You can buy her music on Itunes and Amazon.
Also, thanks to Mike Eagle for additional video, check him out on Mikeeagle.net. Go cop his album Unapologetic Art Rap on Itunes

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  1. MC Breeze says:

    Fuck whoever Crystal Medallions is. He sounds like the type of faggot that downloads all that wannabe Big L, 90’s dick-licking, dead boring, NY crybaby bullshit they post on 2dopeboyz. I hope you get a rash from that nickel-plated chain with the cubic zirconium in it, you dirtball. OFWGKTA PEACE & LOVE

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  3. Crystal Medallions says:

    fuck this music and fuck these corny ass teenagers. go back to the fuckin lab.

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