OFWGKTA Interview – MTV News [Full HD]

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Everyone’s new favorite group of kids are making more noise. It’s been a busy two weeks for Odd Future, from appearing on Jimmy Fallon backed by The Roots, to having co-signs from Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne and even Kanye West. Now they have 9 minutes on MTV where the ever-annoying Sway drops westcoast underground names such as Freestyle Fellowship & Pharcyde before dropping OF’s name. Sway STAYS fagging it up but once you get past all that it’s pretty cool to see these kids continue down their path to swagdom.

Is there a bubble? Will it pop? Did they really turned down every major label deal offered this month? Did Tyler leave 1.5M in advances on the table? Will Earl be free? Will Charlie Sheen die before these kids put out an official album? Will Two & A Half Men return before these kids break-up? Who the fuck knows but check out this video. –Philaflava

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