New Duppy Gun Single And Dub/Dancehall Mix

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New Duppy Gun tings are always welcome. First is A1 from their new single with Bookfa, produced by Nice-A-Bunks (aka Peaking Lights). The entire single is available HERE.

Next, Duppy Gun masterminds M. Geddes Gengras and SUN ARAW recently did a mix for SSence. Naturally it’s all dub and dancehall, and it’s great, with a lot of rarities included. You can stream it below.

Tracklist for the mix is below the jump.

Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Mr. Williamz – Computer Age
Dizzy Africans – Cable Television Version
Jazzwad – Guerilla Warfare
Demarco – Skull Inna Belly
Super Beagle – Dust a Sound Boy
Danny Marshall – Version Cold Bump
Fargo Vice/Don t. – Sweetest Taboo
Red Rat – Buss Up Pants Waist
Jazzwad – Millinium 2000
Captain Kirk – Hold Tight Natty Dread
Black Coolie – Scare Dem (Gremlins version)
??? (no label dubplate)
Max Romeo – Public Enemy # 1
King Tubby – Dubbing My Way
Unite – Peace & Love
The Mighty Cloud Band – Sweet Dub
Dennis Brown – Fire Singer
Because (Nyabinghi Version)
The Revolutionaries – Heart Ache
The Heptones – Darling Wait For Me
Naggo Morris – Love Still Lingers On
Junior Brown – What a Disaster
Sancho – Chase Vampire
Frankie Paul – Harder Than the Rest
Creation Rebel – Starship Africa – Space Movement: Section 4

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