New Duppy Gun Single And Dub/Dancehall Mix

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New Duppy Gun tings are always welcome. First is A1 from their new single with Bookfa, produced by Nice-A-Bunks (aka Peaking Lights). The entire single is available HERE.

Next, Duppy Gun masterminds M. Geddes Gengras and SUN ARAW recently did a mix for SSence. Naturally it’s all dub and dancehall, and it’s great, with a lot of rarities included. You can stream it below.

Tracklist for the mix is below the jump.

Mungo’s Hi Fi ft. Mr. Williamz – Computer Age
Dizzy Africans – Cable Television Version
Jazzwad – Guerilla Warfare
Demarco – Skull Inna Belly
Super Beagle – Dust a Sound Boy
Danny Marshall – Version Cold Bump
Fargo Vice/Don t. – Sweetest Taboo
Red Rat – Buss Up Pants Waist
Jazzwad – Millinium 2000
Captain Kirk – Hold Tight Natty Dread
Black Coolie – Scare Dem (Gremlins version)
??? (no label dubplate)
Max Romeo – Public Enemy # 1
King Tubby – Dubbing My Way
Unite – Peace & Love
The Mighty Cloud Band – Sweet Dub
Dennis Brown – Fire Singer
Because (Nyabinghi Version)
The Revolutionaries – Heart Ache
The Heptones – Darling Wait For Me
Naggo Morris – Love Still Lingers On
Junior Brown – What a Disaster
Sancho – Chase Vampire
Frankie Paul – Harder Than the Rest
Creation Rebel – Starship Africa – Space Movement: Section 4

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  1. […] The clothing brand SSENSE linked up with the production duo Duppy Gun, best known for their exposure of lots of underground Dancehall artists in Jamaica (and for their futuristic take on the genre). The duo dropped a DJ mix that has about 2 hours of rare Dancehall, Reggae and other exclusives. Check it out. Source” Steady Bloggin […]

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