New Curren$y video uses footage from Golgo 13

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Curren$y ft. Fiend – Flying Iron from Creative Control on Vimeo.

Just wanted to point out that this Curren$y video uses footage from Golgo 13: The Professional, which is my favorite anime of all time.  It’s almost 20 years old but I would still rank it higher than about 85% of the action movies made today.  It really is that good.  The key to its success is complete lack of sentimentality – no one last job before retiring, no falling in love with the beautiful woman who happens to be the target, no honor amongst thieves.  Just a man with a rifle that never misses, unbeatable karate skills and and an occasional well sated sex kitten left somewhere in the wake.  Currently there are two feature length films and two seasons of the tv series available on dvd, as well as a live action adaptation perfectly cast with Sonny Chiba in the lead.  You can get all that through amazon, I would suggest starting with The Professional.

Also, while we’re here might as well post the two new Curren$y songs that came out today:

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y – Flying Iron.. Winged Landmines ft Fiend

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y – Still Choppin ft Boo Sledge

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