Natural Yogurt Band – Eastern Promise / Psalm

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Nice to see NYB back in action, they are one of my favorite modern bands doing genre bending instrumental psych jazz/funk/whatever freak outs. The Away With Melancholy album has become of a personal favorite of mine since its original release 2008(?), and a bonafide cult classic to boot. This single is a precursor for a new album to be released on Jazzman this autumn.

The A-side ‘Eastern Promise’ is par for the course i.e. sophisticated music to do drugs by.

DOWNLOAD: Natural Yogurt Band – Eastern Promise

The B-side ‘Psalm’ surprised me a little. I expected something gospel-like from the title, but I didn’t expect it to be set over rap-ready breakbeat drums. I can see KRS-One playing something like this at the Temple of Hip Hop while slaughtering chickens over pictures of Soulja Boy.

DOWNLOAD: Natural Yogurt Band – Psalm

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