Nas: The Remixes (Day Three)

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I don’t believe in none of that shit ya facts is backwards. Day Three.

Nas – NY State of Mind 2 (45 King)

Water dripping from rust-punctured pipes lining abandoned inner-city tenements. If ever there was a successor to the “Come Clean” beat, it’s this. The fact that it instantly gives Nas’ verses new life is a mere bonus. Again, peace to Vaporized from Philaflava for the blend.

Nas – The Cross (9th Wonder)

Oozes soul. Why he departed this formula for the forgettable tripe he produces these days boggles the mind.

Nas – It Ain’t Hard to Tell (Large Pro)

LP decides to flip Bizmarkie’s “Highly recognized as the king of disco and” line from “Nobody Beats the Biz.” The rest is history.

Nas – Ether (Soul Supreme)

Victory music only slightly hampered by the fact that it uses the clean acapella. Falls off a little on the last verse too.

Nas – One Love (LG)

Smooths the edges of one of Nas’ sharper efforts. The LG Experience even manage to layer the hook with an R&B refrain without it soundin’ corny.

— Snoop Bloggy Blogg

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