Nas: The Remixes (Day Four)

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Nas – Street Dreams (K-Def)

MPC wiz and protégé of Marley Marl, K-Def’s jazzy mix quickens the pace and throws in his trademark drum patterns. Not only a fantastic remix, it’s notable if only for K being the antithesis of Trackmasters. Wasn’t it great when a producer could flip an original and make you feel like you were listening to an entirely different song?

Nas – The World Is Yours (DJ Hollywood)

Popped up on DJ Mike Nice’s Please Listen To My Demo mixtape from 2008. The second verse is Nas at his finest, it’s a shame he never revisited these unused lyrics.

Nas – Stillmatic Intro (Soul Supreme)

Fantastic usage of The Moments’ “What Is Your Name” sample. Any beat that can go up against the Hangmen 3 original should be applauded.

Nas – Halftime (Butcher)

DJ Bubie sticks fairly close to the script on this one opting to maintain the original drum rhythms while fusing in a latin feel.

Nas – Bridging the Gap (Marley Marl)

Queensbridge’s finest producer and emcee on the same track. Nice horns. I forget which 80s track used this break, answers on a postcard please.

— Snoop Bloggy Blogg

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