Nas Sets New Interview Lows

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Despite being the undisputed greatest rapper in the universe, Nas is easily the worst interviewee in hip-hop history. Boring, incoherent half of the time and usually sprouting off some faux-intellectualisms. But a recent press junket in London helped him top previous efforts as he skillfully sideswiped the real reasons for why he’s not on OB4CL2 and BP3. And what’s this? Nas is rumored to have been offered the presidency of Def Jam? Has his successful tenure at the helm of Ill Will/Braveheart/Whatever-the-fuck-it’s-called-this-week Records not guaranteed him as the rightful heir? Queensbridge we did it baby.

In any case, the post was actually just a sneaky promotional ploy to let you know that this week on, we’re running a Nas: The Remixes special. See what I did there?

— Snoop Bloggy Blogg

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