Nas – “Life’s a Bitch” (Instrumental – DJ Eclipse Remix)

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Perfect homage to a perfect song.


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  33. […] Nas – “Life's a Bitch” (Instrumental – DJ Eclipse Remix) | Steady … […]

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    […] Nas – “Life's a Bitch” (Instrumental – DJ Eclipse Remix) | Steady … […]

  125. […] Nas – “Life’s a Bitch” (Instrumental – DJ Eclipse Remix) | Steady Blog… […]

  126. cee-kut says:

    eclipse already ruined time’s up, i’m glad this boring remix never saw an official release. eclipse is a great dj but his producing skills are kinda limited.

  127. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by,, PF Syndicate, barnes, Philaflava and others. Philaflava said: Nas – “Life’s a Bitch” (Instrumental – DJ Eclipse Remix) […]

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