Nas – It Was ReWritten

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Nas - It Was Written

When people ask (and they don’t) what my favorite non-album Nas tracks are, there are only two acceptable answers in my mind: “Deja Vu” and “Silent Murder.” The former, a metaphoric whirl through the mind of an inner-city daydreamer, has long-since been iconized as the original source of Nas’ now infamous “Verbal Intercourse” cameo. But “Silent Murder” was an altogether different beast. The driving violin sample, the indomitable drums pounding out a pattern for tales from the hood. And yet, there are some that’ve never heard the song. To the uninitiated, “Silent Murder” was an original track from Nas’ sophomore It Was Written. For some bizarre reason, it was never pressed on the North American CD release and appeared only as a bonus joint on the tape cassette, European CD and Japanese CD versions. The problem? On most versions it was out of sync. Due to it’s bonus status, it typically appeared at the tail-end of the album (excluding cassette). Even when placed in it’s correct position (after “The Set Up” and before “Black Girl Lost”) it doesn’t sound right. Mainly because the beginning of the track still has the outro of “Set Up” mixed into it. Make sense? No? Good. Anyway, I decided to make a copy of the album with “Silent Murder” correctly placed and mixed seamlessly into the track preceding it – i.e. how it should’ve been done. What make’s it even more ridiculous is that the song was actually featured on the Columbia It Was Written promo sampler, which interestingly also touted a collaboration between Nas, Method Man and D’Angelo. I wonder if that’s sitting in a vault somewhere….


Nas – It Was ReWritten

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01 Nas – Album Intro
02 Nas – The Message
03 Nas – Street Dreams
04 Nas – I Gave You Power
05 Nas – Watch Dem Niggas
06 Nas – Take It in Blood
07 Nas – Nas Is Coming
08 Nas – Affirmative Action
09 Nas – The Set Up
10 Nas – Silent Murder
11 Nas – Black Girl Lost
12 Nas – Shootouts
13 Nas – Live Nigga Rap
14 Nas – Suspect
15 Nas – If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)

— Snoop Bloggy Blogg

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