Nas – It Was Remixed

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Here’s the culmination of the Nas: Remixes series. Check below for the Nas – It Was Remixed compilation.

Nas – Hope (Wyldfyer)

Nas at his best and his worst. In other words, A microcosm of his career post-2003. We’re given a glimpse of his lyricism at its vivid apex, a reminder that after all these years he’s still arguably hip-hop’s best storyteller – only to have it ripped away after a minute and a half so he can launch into some nonsensical tirade about the album title. And oh yeah, rather than pay to use the sample for his album mix, did he opt to run with some shitbag acapella version instead? Of course he fucking did.

Nas – 2nd Childhood (Soul Supreme)

Supreme provides some sultry soul for Nas’ classic meandering hood tale. A criminally underused producer, loved his Saturday Night Agenda album.

Nas – Thief’s Theme (Cookin Soul)

Maybe the last strong street single from Nas, this mix injects some 70s flavor. Can we get a Nas album half produced by these guys and the other half Soul Supreme? The only thing iller would be the sample clearance budget.

Nas – Life’s a Bitch (Arsenal)

This high octane mix breathes new life into the rather melancholy Illmatic original

Nas – Memory Lane (DJ Premier)

Drudging, heavy beat. A dope effort, but I can’t help feeling slightly underwhelmed. It is Premier after all.



Nas – It Was Remixed

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Gaffled the cover from an old 12″ compilation, cuz they wasnt rockin it right. This download is fully tagged up and tweaked to slide right into your iPod/Zune/whateva, enjoy.

01 Nas – Stillmatic Intro (Soul Supreme)
02 Nas – It Aint Hard to Tell (Nick Fury)
03 Nas – Life’s a Bitch (Arsenal)
04 Nas – NY State of Mind 2 (45 King)
05 Nas – Take it in Blood (Alternate)
06 Nas – Street Dreams (K-Def)
07 Nas – Halftime (The Butcher)
08 Nas – Bridging The Gap (Marley Marl)
09 Nas – Made You Look (Single rmx)
10 Nas – The World Is Yours (DJ Hollywood)
11 Nas – One Love (LG)
12 Nas – 2nd Childhood (Cookin’ Soul)
13 Nas – Ether (Soul Supreme)
14 Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell (Large Professor)
15 Nas – Memory Lane (DJ Premier)
16 Nas – Ghetto Prisoners (45 King)
17 Nas – Lifes a Bitch (Buckwild)
18 Nas – Surviving the Times (Cool & Dre)
19 Nas – The World is Yours (Q-Tip)
20 Nas – Family (Cloudkickers)
21 Nas – Street Dreams (R Kelly)
22 Nas – The Cross (9th Wonder)
23 Nas – 2nd Childhood (Soul Supreme)
24 Nas – Thief’s Theme (Cookin’ Soul)
25 Nas – Hope (Wyldfyer)

— Snoop Bloggy Blogg

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