Nas “Dejavu” please?

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Chris Winston,

It has come to my attention via The Bridge ’94 blog that you are the producer of the classic unreleased Nas song “Dejavu.” It may seem odd to label an unreleased track as a classic but over the years, “Deja Vu” has earned this status. Despite the fact that only relatively lo-fi, unmastered versions have made it to listener’s ears, it is apparent to any rap fan that the song is a bonafide gem. Nas’ masterful lyrics combined with your perfectly suited sounds like heaven with a few hisses, so a higher quality version might well be the holy grail for us aging hip hop heads. I speak for the vast majority of our 1,100 subscribers (and thousands of other followers and assorted visitors) in saying that I’ve been fiending for a CD-quality version of this song for what seems like centuries.

It is unfortunate that shady business kept this song from seeing the light of day on a proper release. I understand that this experience must have been hugely frustrating. I also see how it could lead you to believe that there is little interest in the song itself. On this point I beg to differ. Nas’ unreleased and rarities catalogue is deep and has been extensively covered on the internet. There was even a popular blog devoted entirely to such songs. Time and time again, “Deja Vu” is mentioned as one of the shining stars of this unreleased catalog, the rough draft of what should have been a perfect album cut on It Was Written. Not only does the song include the verse that later appeared on “Verbal Intercourse,” it contains a second verse which is arguably even better (the “swimming pool/ sinning fool/ winning jewel” rhyme is some next shit). You produced a monumental song featuring one the genre’s most beloved rappers at his peak and it deserves to be heard – crisp and clear.

Do the right thing, Chris Winston – release a CD quality version of Nas “Dejavu.” Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pairs of ears eagerly await this.

— Thun, speaking on behalf of The T.R.O.Y. Team, and hip hop fans worldwide.

READERS: If you agree that “Deja Vu” should be released in CD quality format, you should do the following:

1) Respond to this post with a message showing support for the release of “Dejavu” in CD quality. To save time just type “RELEASE IT ALREADY”.

2) Retweet this post on Twitter, and link it on Facebook.

3) Get at Chris Winston himself: via Twitter (@chriswinston) or email (

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  209. AZ says:


  210. DzynOne says:

    I can’t believe you all are begging Chris to release this song for FREE!! Not only did he NOT get paid by NAS initially, but you’re asking him to NOT get paid AGAIN? If that isn’t Deja Vu, I don’t know what is! If you all want it so much, how about paying him for it. I’m not talking $.99 either. Even if he did release it. Imagine all the legal crap he’d have to deal with. How about writing an OPEN LETTER to NAS demanding that he PAY Chris and release it himself.

  211. lil romeo says:

    Ò€œRELEASE IT ALREADYÒ€. plzz man πŸ™‚

  212. > Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pairs of ears eagerly await this.

    :/ Maybe you were exaggerating for dramatic effect? If you were serious: c’mon, son!

  213. sleeptime says:


  214. Balzac says:

    here’s to hoping he actually has a high quality version of the track.

    *crosses fingers*

  215. the mayor says:

    put that shit out

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