Nacho Picasso – For The Glory (Free Album)

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I’ve been anticipating this one for a while now, ever since I first saw the video for “Numbnuts“. I won’t lie, originally I was drawn in by the Blue Sky Black Death involvement. Then, as a few more tracks leaked Nacho’s own talents won me over too. It became apparent that he isn’t just a rapper who’s success is predicated entirely on the beat being used. His flow is a bit odd – he is somehow simultaneously both intense and nonchalant; he sounds like he’s about to slip off beat at any given moment but somehow manages to hold on until the end of the bar; his voice drops a little at the end of each sentence. Its a unique style but it works well, it gets in your head and stays there. And the unsurprisingly excellent production by BSBD and Raised By Wolves fits it just right.
Above is a very cool video for ‘Marvel’, which is a good showcase of what Nacho is all about and what this album generally sounds like. You can stream and download the whole album below. I feel like this could end up as an underrated sleeper hit for 2011.


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