My Advice To Rappers

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You might be asking what kind of advice can I give to rappers, especially never having rapped before? I’ll tell you, the best kind! You might say, but these are pretty simple and obvious statements. Yes they are but many rappers are stubborn, foolish, self-absorbed and illiterate. Trust on this jawn, read and comprehend. I promise for a better career. –Philaflava

1. Before you leak your shit, MAKE SURE it sounds right! If it’s not finished, missing a hook or sounds like it was recorded in a bunker in Baghdad don’t allow it to be heard. Pablo Picassco didn’t walk around Spain showing off his unfinished pieces of work and neither should you. We can wait.

2. This is more directed as indie cats, but make sure you invest in a good mic. It really does make a world of difference. A chef wouldn’t be caught buying some really shitty knives.

3. Keep the guest appearances on your album to a minimum. Anything more than a a few shows signs of weakness, codependency issues and you’re setting yourself up to be the 2nd bill on your very own shit.

4. Less is more. Some of the greatest albums are short. Remember Illmatic? 39 minutes bitch! Remember Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band? 39 minutes bitch. Less is more and chances are you aren’t Nas or John Lennon either. What I am saying is, you ain’t that interesting to listen to for an hour.

5. Stop with the monikers. Kool Keith started it, Wu-Tang abused it. It’s annoying.

6. Stay in your lane. Stick to the script. Don’t prep the role. I don’t know how many different ways I can say the same shit. Just stay true to yourself.

7. Chill with the overexposure. While you think you’re building up tremendous buzz with all the blogs and vloggers posting your shit day in and day out, you’re just slowly turning people off. Remember, in 2010 music is accessible and disposable. Come correct or don’t come at all.

8. If you build the right buzz MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW THROUGH with an album in a timely manner. It’s hard to regain that momentum and you might never see the same support again. (Hi Saigon).

9. Stay off Youtube with those bullshit videos late at night or in the studio or whenever you think it might be cute to post your opinions for people to see. The thing is, people don’t really care but they are waiting for you to hang yourself. Waiting for the slip-up or just the littlest reason not to fuck with you. Joe Budden has hurt his career more than helped it with his idiotic videos.

10. Give people what they want. If you do they’ll stick with you, if you don’t you’ll be all by yourself.

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