Something To Ride To: April ’10

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Saturday night you’re driving around with or without a special lady friend and you need music to marinate to. Let me help you with 6 new(est) kinda joints that’ll set you off in the right way. –Philaflava

Brotha Lynch Hung – D.O.A.
This is the aggression track. Everyone needs to get it out of their systems early and usually it takes a good 5 minutes to settle in once you enter the car. This is it. You’ll find yourself singing the hook throughout the night but don’t make the mistake and play this after the vibe is set. You’re just warming up.

B.o.B. – Nothing On You (Remix) feat. Big Boi
Another dumb catchy hook but woman like this shit and it’s B.o.B. so it’s a win/win. I prefer the remix because Big Boi shouts out Phife Dawg. This is a good transition to what is about to be WET BUTTER LEATHERS.

Murs & 9th Wonder – Asian Girl
A long overdue anthem that starts off with 9th Wonder rapping. You can fast forward if you want because he is simply atrocious. Murs saves the days and kills this ode. If you happen to be with an Asian girl you’ll bring out the laughter too. If you’re looking for one, then this song is an ideal blueprint for the night.

E-40 – Bitch feat. Too $hort
Just a reminder that men can be bitches too. If somebody is mean muggin’ or driving a little erratic, let ’em know they are a bitch. Its also a reminder that woman can be bitches too so if you’re night ain’t going right let her know what she is acting like. Life is too short don’t end up with a bitch!

Snoop Dogg – Gangsta Luv (Mayer Hawthorne G-Mix)
Smooth pimp shit. Snoop is corny as fuck and normally I wouldn’t even listen to him but everyone once in awhile he fucks around and drops a great radio track. Mayer Hawthrone fixes this remix up to make it the perfect compliment to your driving tunes.

Too $hort – International Player
Another track about bitches and another track featuring Too $hort. It ain’t “I’m A Player” it’s “International Player” and it’s the best you’ll get from Todd Shaw in ’10. I actually play this right after “Asian Girl” just to really hammer it home. You’ll see…

Peace to 2DBz for a few of the links.

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