Mummz – Jooks N Jackals, Act 1 (Prod. Eyes And Teeth)

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Mummz’ latest is a creeping slice of horror-tinged ghetto noir. A story of a jux in planning, spiced up with various asides detailing Mummz’ other goings on simultaneously in progress. The songs ends with a cliffhanger – the protagonist and his cohorts are poised to do the dirt, then the music fades out and Mummz’ voice ominously suggests things are about to go very very wrong. Hopefully Act 2 is coming soon, I gotta know what happens next. Since Boog is mentioned several times throughout, a cameo from him would only be natural (HINT MOTHERFUCKING HINT.)
The beat by Eyes And Teeth deserves a special mention – very ominous, echoing Morricone in both SW and giallo modes. Although in this day and age Adrian Younge might be a more appropriate reference point.


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