Mookie Jones – Dank (Prod. By DJ Burn One)

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Weed songs are more common than ever these days, and since most are nominally about the same exact thing their success mostly hinges on the production. And that’s where DJ Burn One is a viking. Currently, nobody captures the feel of smoke ringlets slowly floating to the ceiling better than this guy (there are some very worthy contenders but that’s another conversation.) He is more subdued than usual here, the beat is almost minimalistic by his standards. Maybe Burn One and his band are purposefully keeping in check to accommodate for Mookie’s unusual voice, the rapper’s best asset on this particular song. But the guitar wails I’ve come to expect from them are still there, still stealing the show as they often tend to do.

The song will be features on Mookie Jones’ upcoming album Mack
BONUS POINTS: Another good song produced by Burn One popped up today, this one is not entirely a weed song but close enough.

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