Monster Rally – EP

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Let’s call this ‘Beat Konducta Goes To Hawaii But Forgets The Drums At Home’. Monster Rally plunders laid back and mildly trippy Hawaian surf pop much like Madlib and his his ilk do with other geographically specific music, except there is absolutely no effort to make the results resemble anything hip hop oriented. Instead of thump the aim is pure vibe – the music is all hazy impressions of luaus and beaches and island girls in grass skirts gently shaking their hips to ukuleles. The end result is offbeat but very engaging. Magnum PI and Higgins could definitely get high to this. The whole thing is only 10 minutes, so trying it out is a fairly painless proposition.

You can stream and download via their bandcamp page.
<a onclick="javascript:pageTracker._trackPageview('/outgoing/');" href="">The Wolf by Monster Rally</a>

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