MondreM.A.N – MC ILLIN (mixtape)

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At this point I’m actively wondering if and when the MAz sleep, eat and shit… cause honestly I’m not sure how it’s possible to release this much music and still tend to even most basic of life’s needs. This is another new mixtape, another solo Mondre jawnt, with production by Ryan Hemsworth, Friendzone and Al Jieh of SWTBRDS (among others I’m guessing).
EDIT: If you produced something on this, check in with the rest via comments below.


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8 Responses to “MondreM.A.N – MC ILLIN (mixtape)”

  1. coldcasey says:

    I produced that live it up with me holler at me @coldcasey

  2. mary jane was produced by Cali Mitchell

  3. laptop & japanese blunts/cant leave it were both produced by uptown greg

  4. MondreHemsworth was produced by Ryan Hemsworth, live it up with me was produced by Cold Casey, and Writer’s block was produced by Al Jieh. those are the only other ones i know of so far

  5. C3POH says:

    “Money First” & “Oaklandish” were both produced by Nem270 according to his tumblr page

  6. drcybyls says:

    “Different Level” is produced by NaminĂ©.

  7. I don’t know about all the other tracks, but I produced “I Got (ft. Dope G)” & “Monstas Outside”

  8. Erik says:

    yes anyone got a list of producers for this?
    subzero is by friendzone

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