Monday Mixer

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Neural’s Lowrider mix is bottom heavy. It’s a great, weirder companion to this selection of songs to drive to. Boards of Canada, Autechre, DOOM and Dimlite etc.

Lowrider (mixed by neural)

Part of the stellar Monday Jazz series, Dday One assembles something here for the working man. About halfway through “Acid Raindrops” is dropped in and things click constantly from there.

Monday Sermon


Tracklist for the neural mix after the jumper.

01 Remdog – be calm
02 Robot Koch – gorom sen (Shlohmo remix)
03 Roleo – highs
04 Shlohmo – hot boxing the cockpit
05 Loops Haunt – impact omnihammer
06 Two Fingers – bad girl instr
07 Astronomy Class – blood transfusion (Jonny Faith’s outer space dub)
08 King Midas Sound – i dub
09 Doom – gazzillion ear (Dr Who Dat remix)
10 Vex’d – out of the hills
11 Monk Fly – old soulful cats (Jonny Faith remix)
12 Disrupt – echobombing
13 Joker – tron
14 Various Production – its been said
15 Remdog – camine red
16 Boards Of Canada – seven forty seven
17 Autechre – ilanders
18 Aardvarck – untitled
19 Dimlite – elbow flood instr

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