Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane – Ore D’Amore and 20 KM Al Giorno

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Mike Patton of Faith No More, Fantomas, Tomahawk, Peeping Tom, and Tomahawk fame unveils Mondo Cane, his Italian language rock-meets-orchestra hybrid, on May 4 via Ipecac Recordings.

Recorded at a series of European performances including an outdoor concert in a Northern Italian piazza, the self-titled album features traditional Italian pop songs as well as a rendition of Ennio Morricone’s “Deep Down.” Patton worked with a 30-piece orchestra and choir to create the uniquely new Mondo Cane sound.

So that’s the official verbiage on this album. I’m not too crazy about the cover art, so here is a poster for the movie that inspired the name of the band. The poster is superior due to prominent boobs vs shark juxtaposition.


Anyway, the album leaked already. I’m not sure if the version that popped up is official, but it does sound pretty damn good. Live performance videos (and shitty mp3 rips of them) for a lot of the songs featured here have been floating around youtube for ages, and it’s nice to now be able to enjoy them in good quality. Two tracks jumped out at me on initial listen.

First is Ore D’Amore, which is actually a song better known in the US as Frank Sinatra’s The World We Knew (Over and Over). That happens to be my favorite Sinatra song ever, so I’m fucking psyched about this one.

Mike Patton – Ore D’Amore

For reference, here is the Sinatra version. It’s not really fair to compare the two of course.

Frank Sinatra – The World We Knew (Over and Over)

The second is 20 KM Al Giorno. The origin of this was a little tougher to pin down. As it turns out it’s a cover of an obscure 60’s Italian pop song by one Nicola Arigliano. The production on the Patton version caught my ear immediately due to prominent usage of (what I think is) a jewharp in the intro. I was really surprised that the original version has this as well.

Mike Patton – 20 KM Al Giorno

Here is the original, courtesy of Abe Twist’s World

Nicola Arigliano – 20 KM Al Giorno

Strangely I can’t find any mention of the album on Ipecac’s site, but there are some things mentioned on the band’s myspace.

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