MF Grimm – You Only Live Twice (Tracklist)

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Living Twice the Art

After a four-year break, Percy Carey, aka MF GRIMM, returns to music with his latest album, “You Only Live Twice: The Audio Graphic Novel,” set to release May 18.

Carey attributes his recent absence from music to another life-long love, the comic book industry. Due in large part to the help of a few comic legends, Carey used this time to grow within the comics industry.

“I was fortunate enough to learn about the comic book industry from some of the most popular and respected names in the craft,” Carey said. “I owe a lot to Casey Seijas, Ron Wimberly, Brian K. Vaughan, Karen Berger, Jason Aaron, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Dwayne McDuffie, Steve Niles, Grant Morrison, William Wilson, Paul Levitz, Des Taylor, Len Wien, Rick Veitch, Tone Rodriguez, and many others.”

In 2007, Carey became inspired to write an autobiographical graphic novel after reading Robert Mckee’s “Story.” The result, “Sentences: The Life Of MF GRIMM,” was nominated for two Eisner awards in 2008. The following year, Carey shifted his energy to journalism and worked to introduce the comic book world to hip-hop. As a contributor for Marc Ecko’s Complex Magazine and MTV’s Splashpage, Carey provided coverage on the latest and greatest within the industry.

“The comic book industry helped me find a new creative voice,” admits Carey. “Although it’s time to return to music, I want to display my love and appreciation of the comic book world.”

Twice manages to do just that. The album features a pleasant blend of intelligent lyrics, crafty story, and of course, edgy artwork. A striking thirteen-page comic book complements the album’s thirteen tracks.

Twiz the Beat Pro provides production of the album.

Jim Mahfood, aka Food One (Kevin Smith’s Clerks and Marvel’s Spider-Man), lends his impressive illustration to the accompanying comic book.

Says Carey, “I’m one of the blessed few who can honestly say he was groomed by the best of the best in both mediums and it’s time for me to share what I’ve learned with the entire world.”

“You Only Live Twice: The Audio Graphic Novel”


1 Blessings 2:30
2 Return to Eden 4:55
3 I Am King 3:38
4 All I Need 3:04
5 You Only Live Twice 3:59
6 The Legend of the Golden Warrior 6:09
7 Medicine 3:34
8 Waiting 2:40
9 Fight 3:30
10 Angel Without Wings 4:25
11 Marry Mary 4:10
12 Last Days 3:09
13 The Compound 3:33

MF GRIMM and Day By Day Entertainment, LLC present the latest in masterful fictional journeys, “You Only Live Twice: The Audio Graphic Novel.”

Music lovers have anxiously awaited MF GRIMM’s return to music since his historic triple CD, “American Hunger.” Comic book lovers have anticipated Percy Carey’s next work of art since release of his graphic novel, “Sentences: The Life of MF GRIMM” the Vertigo/DC project that warranted two Eisner nominations.

“You Only Live Twice: The Audio Graphic Novel” is sure to satisfy both classes, blending a symphonic thirteen-tracks with a striking thirteen-pages. The album features an impressive comic book.

Mapping the journey with GRIMM is the rising producer, Twiz the Beat Pro and the distinguished illustrator, Jim Mahfood aka Food One (Kevin Smith’s Clerks, Marvel’s Spider-Man).

The quest stimulates the imagination of the listener/reader and evokes several questions:

What if a prophet was born during the age of hip-hop? Would he be acknowledged?  … or ridiculed? Would his followers support him? … or betray him? Would he bring peace? … or bear a sword? Would hip-hop be viewed as a culture? … or simply a cult? From the first blessing to the last days what would be the outcome? Would the religion known as hip-hop survive?

All questions will be answered once the journeyman presses play.

“You Only Live Twice: The Audio Graphic Novel” is available in CD or vinyl (2LP). Comic book is included in both media.

The world is waiting!

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