MF Borat (aka Sacha Baron Cohen and MF Doom) – “The Mask and the Moustache EP”

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Via Exclaim:

This one kind of came out of nowhere. Apparently, while comedian Sacha Baron Cohen was on the West coast promoting his film Borat in 2006, he had a chance meeting with enigmatic/infuriating MC DOOM (then going under the moniker MF Doom) and began a working relationship dubbed MF Borat.

After finding some mutual interests, the two got together for an impromptu recording session, during which DOOM rapped a pre-existing verse over a beat Cohen had made in 2005 with Khazak producer Kulki Boolchek. Later in the year, the two got together once again, and Doom unloaded a couple more verses onto three more of Cohen’s beats, making for a four-song EP that may not be entirely new, but, hell, when it comes to DOOM, you take what you can get — especially when it sounds this good.


The Mask and the Moustache EP


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