Meyhem Lauren’s – Respect the Fly Shit (Free Album)

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It’s interesting to see Meyhem straddling the divide between traditionalist NY rap and trendy indie rap. To wit, this maybe the only album ever to feature both Sean Price and Riff Raff (having them both on the same song could’ve been a masterstroke). I haven’t listened to this yet so I don’t know how it pans out, but I do like the idea of it.
DOWNLOAD: Meyhem Lauren’s – Respect the Fly Shit

via The Fader

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  2. qbd1 says:

    wtf is traditionalist ny rap???? JUST ANOTHER WORD FOR THAT RAW SHIT

  3. crochet m-f*cka says:

    so so so so DOPE…wtf is this FREE!!??

  4. McNulty says:


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