Memory Man Presents: Nas – I Am… (The Unauthorized Autobiography)

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The sequel to 2009’s Memory Man Presents Raekwon – Cuban Revolution, this remix project reinvents Nas’ 1999 album with golden era-style production. All of the original guest appearances remain intact, with the exception of Puff Daddy’s chorus vocals on Hate Me Now which are performed here by MC Paul Barman. Cover art by Lazy Eye Graphics.

These kinds of remix projects are very common these days, and the majority of them are poor. But Memory Man is way better at this than most others, his work bearing obvious marks of craftsmanship and obsessive attention to details. His last effort, Cuban Revolution, ended up superior to some of the ‘official’ Raekwon mixtapes released that year. So considering Memory Man’s skills and the fact that ‘I Am’ ihas a lot that could be improved on, I have high expectations.

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